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We are part of Girls Who Code at Pixar. Our goal in creating this project is because stress is a issue most people would encounter. Stress is a natural part of life and we want to create a game that would relieve stress.

What is Stress?

    Stress is a state physical or emotional strain/ tension from adverse and very demanding circumstances. Stress can be both physical and mental. Most of our stress come from our everyday responsibilities. Our obligations may cause strain our body, where we become tense and start to worry. We wanted to make a relaxing game that relieves stress, clear you mind and create art at the same time.

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Get to Know Us

4 high school girls who came together thanks to Girls Who Code.

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Life's a journey not a race.

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Try and fail but never fail to try.

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Be happy. Be bright. Be you.

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Don't forget to save!

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Special Thanks

This is a section we would like to dedicate to our teaching team and Pixar. 7 weeks with 20 girls is not easy but they never gave up on us. Our teachers prepare everyday for the next lesson and think of activities that we can do.

Thank you Pixar for letting us be here for 7 weeks. Thank you for organizing all the speakers and making the mentor system work. We had a great time.


#1 teacher. She has dealt with all the pranks and craziness that came along with teaching a class like us. But yet, she still helps us with our problems no matter what.


#0.5 TA. She always gives smiles and tons of giggles.


#0.5 TA. She mainly keeps the classroom lit and DJs 24/7.


The PIXAR family has been behind our back supporting us! Shoutout to all the mentors that meet with us weekly, the HR, all the speakers that we had, and the Cafe Luxo and V8 staff. Big thank you!

*The reason Rhea and Amanda is both #0.5 is that when they're added together, they make #1.