Assisting the Globe

Foster Youth

We are united, all as one!

Assisting you is my mission!

Helping The Homeless

Learn how to make money by keeping the environment clean!

Rare Disorders

Learn more about rare disorders

Help those in need by being informed!


Every penny counts!

Come see what works of art were contributed!

Our Goal

Assisting the globe is our mission. We want to give back to our world and give everybody an opportunity to be a part of our mission. Our main focus is on homeless people and foster youth. We also provide information for those with rare diseases. We also have art work for auction, of which all profits will go to helping other organizations in need of charity and donations. Together, we can impact our planet in a big way, one step at a time.



Phone: (123) 456-789

Mailing Address: 3670 Trousdale Pkwy, Los Angeles, CA 90089